ProWein 2017

SantaVinea invites you to taste the elegance.

Join us in ProWein Dusseldorf 19-21 March 2017 at Hall 16 Stand N 16E78 “I Migliori Vini Italiani” Luca Maroni.


prowein 2017

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Piave Terroir

The terroir of Piave, thanks to its clay soil and mineral salts makes fertile our Vineyards that give us high quality wines: Prosecco Doc and Pinot Grigio Doc.

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How to reuse your leftlovers


This time of year most of us end up with a lot of leftovers and that also ends up with a lot of food being thrown out! So here are some tips for repurposing Christmas leftovers:

1. Use Your Freezer
A lot of your leftovers will easily freeze including leftover vegetables and casseroles and so although you can’t face those leftovers at the moment, they might make a quick and easy dinner a couple of weeks down the track.

2. Omelettes for breakfast
Leftovers make a great breakfast dish especially things like leftover mashed potatoes, ham and veggies. Leftovers also make great omelettes too!

3. Add To A Salad
Left over turkey or roasted veggies to some spinach or rocket. Add in some avocado and cherry tomatoes and splash with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and you have yourself a whole new meal in just a few minutes.

4. Make A Soup
Leftover roast meat and veggies can so easily be turned into a yummy soup that you can keep for another meal or freeze for later in the week. Often you can simply blend leftovers with a little stock and some seasoning or salt & pepper but that does depend on what you have.

5. Reuse Your Stuffing
Stuffing can also be re-used or frozen for up to a month to use again. Try adding to mushrooms and then baked for another yummy option.

And the wine? A good SantaVinea wines will perfect for these relaxing dinners!

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