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Why so many different glass shapes for wine?

wine glass

Find out why and how to select the ideal wine glass for your personal drinking preferences. And, if having the right glass is an important aspect of drinking better wine, then it’s well worth knowing!

The best thing that you can do to make wine taste better is to select a glass that highlights your favorite style of wine. Below, you’ll see a summary of several glass shapes and wines that tend to perform very well in these shapes.

White wines are typically served in smaller bowled glasses:
– Preserve floral aromas
– Maintain cooler temperature
– Delivers more aromas (even at cooler temperatures) due to proximity to nose

You’ll notice that full-bodied white wines such as oak-aged Chardonnay, older white wines, orange wines and some vintage sparkling wines are typically desired out of a larger bowled white wine glass. This style, originally introduced by Riedel as a “Montrachet” glass , emphasizes the creamy texture in these wines with a wider mouth.

Red wines are typically served in larger bowled glasses:
– Delivers more aroma compounds vs. the burn of ethanol from being farther from nose
– Larger surface area to let ethanol evaporate
– Wider opening makes wines taste smoother

The choice of a red wine glass has a lot to do with mitigating the bitterness of tannin or the spiciness to deliver a smoother tasting wine.

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Tasting wine: vertical, horizontal or blind tasting?



Wine experts are absolutely used to run those kind of tastings but for those who are now approching to the wine sector it is not easy to understand all of the technical terms. Let’s try to understand together the meanings!

  • VERTICAL TASTING: tasting of the same wine, different vintages for analyze the evolution of the wine year by year.
  • HORIZONTAL TASTING: same vintage (generally same grape or at least same territory/area), to analyze the different styles.
  • BLIND TASTING: tasting of wines without knowing the producers. This is the method used at the wine competitions to guarantee an impartial evaluation.
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Summer in Vineyards

During June and July we can see if the meticulus spring work in the vineyards has positively contributed to their vigorous growth. In this months the vineyard has developed its canopy of leaves and shows how much fruit will ripen this year.
Leaves protect ripening grapes from too much sun and help them preserve their aroma until harvest. Despite this, too many leaves prevent good air circulation in the canopy.

This is why vintners trim the vines in spring to get rid of the excess shoots and bind the others into place on the trellis system to prevent tender young shoots from breaking in strong winds.
Only with a lot of patience and passion let you produce grapes!

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The origin of Pinot Grigio grape

pinot grigio

The grape variety Pinot Grigio is probably a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir. It is an international french grape cultivated all over the world. Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular wines of Italian production, not only for commercial success but also for quality development.

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